Monday, December 17, 2012

Gun Control and the Sandy Hook Shooting

Now I know every blogger around the world is talking about this, but as a mother I feel I need to write about the horrible Sandy Hook tragedy.

I feel like crying every time I see the names of the twenty babies taken to see their god or goddess on Friday. It is cruel, horrible and something that I cannot even comprehends. My heart and soul goes out to the mothers and fathers who lost their children in a brief act of unnecessary violence. I do not know what I would do or how I could cope if something like that happened to my daughter. Your children are supposed to feel safe at school. As a parent, sending your child to school is supposed to be something you can feel safe and secure in doing.

Adam Lanza, the shooter, should have stood trial and gotten the death penalty for his crimes. But like many criminal he took the easy way out and committed suicide. I hope that in whatever religion he believes in he is now pushing a giant ball up and never ending hill while ravens pick at his skin and fire drips from the sky.

On the other hand after reading several articles this shooting could have been avoided. Adam was obviously mentally ill. While all accounts show his mother as a good, loving caring person the one thing they do not talk about is helping her son. He needed therapy and medications. If mental illness was accepted in this country more maybe people like Adam would get the help they need instead of having their mental illness over take their lives until it ends in horror.

Mental illness is something that affects thousands of Americans, but still the stigmas that surround it make it so people do not feel like they can get help, do not want to get help or do not know how to get help. This needs to change, things like Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression are illnesses that need to be treated, not be scorned and shunned for. You wouldn’t be ashamed of having cancer.

Gun control, yeah I said it. This country needs gun control. Now I am not saying that the guns need to be taken away. I fully support the right to bear arms. I think, however that it does need to be regulated. One should have to pass a test (just like driving a car), have a back ground check, look for past history of mental illness and need to register any weapon purchased. In most other first world countries they do not have the problems we have with people committing murder with guns. As Eddie Izzard said, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people….Well I think the gun helps.” If someone ran into a school with a knife or a cross bow the carnage would not be as bad before they were over taken and the mortality rate would not be as high. In America, as my boyfriend so cleverly stated, people have more access to guns then they do health care. It is bull shit, utter bull shit.

I was even prouder to have voted for Obama after seeing his speech to the people of Connecticut yesterday. Everything he said was true and just. Things in America need to change, how many of these types of events do we have to go through before conservatives get that rules about gun control are needed and not liberals trying to fuck them over? Don’t argue just for arguing sakes! LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE. The Sandy Hook shooting, the shooting at the Oregon mall, the Batman shooting. Saturday some douche bag shot fifty times into the air in front of a mall in California, just because, what the fuck?

These things may not have happened if people didn’t have easy access to weaponry. And we need to regulate the types of guns available in the U.S for civilian purchases. No one needs an assault rifle. A small hand gun for personal protection, sure, a gun you can hunt with, got it. Anything else only has one purpose: to kill. Which is what a gun does. A gun will allow you to kill another human being with ease. So I will state again, the U.S needs better gun control or this will not be the last time someone opens fire in a public place.

If you have guns in your house please keep them locked up so that only yourself can get to them, use the precautions you should when owning a weapon.

UPDATE:    For those of you assholes (yeah I am pissed) who think that if teachers could carry guns they would be safer, please homeschool your kids. The Last thing I need is my kids going to school with trigger happy teachers. Who protects my kid from the gun their teacher keeps in their desk?  Also for those of you who think if God was allowed in school and we didn't teach evolution then the shooting would not have happened.  What complete awfulness. Is your God that petty he would kill twenty little kids because schools teach science and allows those of different religions the ability to feel comfortable and not be outcast? I might be pagan but I went to a Christian school. I know all about God and Jesus and I don't think so.
In Genesis Adam and Eve eat of the tree that gives them knowledge of good and evil: free will. He tells them not, to, sure, but they do it any way. The bible also says that if you believe in him no bad shall befall you, that you take God with you everywhere. So whether god is allowed in school or not is a moot point because all those who died believing still had their Lord with them. People are evil; it has nothing to do with any God or Goddess.


Here are some interesting facts and statistics:

In 2000-2008 51% of all murders were gun related

In 2012 60% of all murders were gun related.

In 2002 the USA was the in top five for countries with the most murders by firearms

1. South Africa

2. Colombia

3. Thailand

4. United States

5. Philippines

States with more guns have more deaths by firearm


  1. What if the guy wasn't mentally I'll? I think that by placing blame for such horrible acts on mental illness, in itself, perpetuates the social stigma. Last week in China a student went on a stabbing spree killing and injuring several students and teachers. Violent people will find and use what ever weapon they have available, period. To say that the carnage would have been worse is obtuse, one student being stabbed, shanked, shot, or beaten at school is enough to damage the students and community. If the shooter only wounded one kid do you think you would be feeling any different that you do now?

    1. I don't place blame on the mentally ill, but it does not help that those who are do not get the help they need. Either way it is a tragedy.But it is why I covered several points in this blog. He could have just been a serious asshole, or he could have been mentally ill not getting the help he needed. While I do agree that any child being hurt at a school or anyone being hurt for that matter any where is not ok, when it involves more than one and becomes a "massacre" it envokes a different level of emotion. If the shooter only injured one child I would still be angry it happened and upset but I would be relieved it was only one. You are right, violent people will use what they can to give others violence. When you look at the facts and stats, places with better gun control see less of this type of thing. We can never fully get rid of violence, which sucks, but we can do what is needed to reduce it.

  2. I would also point out that the stabbing in China injured 23 kids, but none of them died. That is one of my big issues, yes violent people will use whatever at hand to try and harm people, but ya gotta admit that guns make it a lot easier.


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