Monday, November 5, 2012

Websites, People and Links you May want to take a look at

Below are a list of people, websites and things I endorse, love and recommend you take a look at.

Larry Womack, personal friend, totally AWESOME writer and fellow liberal.
Bats are totally misunderstood creatures. This is the Lubee Bat Conservation. They are trying to educate people about bats and save them. This will be a constant theme since I love bats.

A is For... This is a GREAT organization promoting women's rights in healthcare. It also is talking about not being shamed into silence. Whether because you have sex outside of marriage, have had an abortion or if you have needed Plan B. The idea is based on the Scarlet Letter. I donated and will be getting my red A ribbon asap. I will post a picture of myself wearing it.
What does YOUR A mean to you?
Stories of REAL women who have had abortions. These stories range from relief to sadness, from anger and frustration to gratitude and encouragement. Maybe if people read the words from women who have dealt with this medical procedure they would understand no abortion decision is made simply or easily.

Peach Braxton, she is also on youtube. Check her out, her opinions are in video blogs form normally and are priceless. She is in the same league with Cristina Rad.

Cristina Rad. She is great; you can see her video blogs on as well. She is particularly awesome if you are looking for pro atheism and women's rights view points. She is funny too.

To Write Love on Her Arms. This organization is all about the understanding, treatment and prevention of self mutilation, self harm and suicide.
I love this blog, excellent tips and advice for plus size ladies.

Planned Parenthood. Enough said

That’s all for now. I am sure I have more but these are the most important. If you have any feel free to comment.

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