Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Good Things Still Happen- Happy Valentine's Day

With so much awfulness in the world right now Trump. I thought it might be nice this Valentine's Day to look at things that are positive in the world.

Things that inspire love.

To remember that even though there is a dumpster fire in the white house, good things still happen.

I have compiled a list of positive moments from the last year. I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Did I miss one? Submit a happy moment in the comments!

Save the Puppies

Chicken or Steak for the Homeless

Baby Fiona

Cat Con!


In July, UNAIDS revealed that for the first time in history, half of all people on the planet with HIV are now getting treatment, and AIDS deaths have dropped by half since 2005. Science 

Cameroon committed to restoring over 12 million hectares of forest in the Congo Basin, and Brazil started a project to plan 73 million trees, the largest tropical reforestation project in history. Fast Co.

Return of the Bee's

A Years Supply of Chicken Nuggets

Toy Story Land

And the biggest one of all


Please- get out and vote!

Friday, January 19, 2018

My Brain Wakes Up #anxietylife

My Brain Upon Waking and Sleeping

His brain is slow to wake up, fuzzy and then clear with a rush of dark liquid.

Her brain blinks a few times, stretches and basks in the morning light, like a cat in a window.

My brain comes awake with a jolt, sometimes of fear, a lot of the times with worries.

His brain is full of needs, hungry and wet, crying into the dark.

Her brain is angry, it doesn't want to get up and cuddles down, hugging the blackness.

My brain is filled with words, of memories- mostly bad, causing my stomach to feel like moths crawl inside me.

His brain needing begging and pleading, a bribe to make it behave.

Her brain walks in circles, sniffing out it's surroundings until it finds something worth waking up for.

My brain turns things over and over until each thought is an unrecognizable mound of panic.

His brain, normally, shuts off like a light, occasionally incoherent babble from his mouth.

Her brain pulls the covers around it, as long as it's warm she can sleep.

My brain needs a story, to be lulled with soft words, sex or booze.

His brain craves food, comfort and stars filling the ceiling to drift into dream land.

Her brain shuts off with a command, any place, any where. Sometimes it wanders and is amusing.

My brain thinks, it chants mantras, it begs for peace and cannot get comfortable.

His brain watches images across a screen, enjoying colors and music and suddenly...is asleep.

Her brain fights, wants to stay awake, but eventually loses the battle.

My brain dwells, it lingers in dark places until actual pain is felt and then eventually, it too sleeps.

My brain longs for the times where it is happy and content, when it is calm and the past doesn't claim attention.

My brain wakes and it won't go back to sleep.