Monday, March 12, 2018

A Silverware Hunt- and a New Friend

My Boo and I enjoy shopping together. Not like mall, hold my bags and purse shopping. But grocery shopping. With our kids being older this is an hours worth of time where we can go to a store with our lists and take our time buying the essentials (and some non essentials) for the house hold.

Whether this is 150$ of various groceries or simply hitting Target because for some reason all the spoons in our house have disappeared.

Which was what we were doing last night. I'm not sure how it happened- I blame spoon trolls (or children- take your pick.) But we had dwindled down to four spoons in our house.  We searched high and low and were finally able to find three disgusting and crusty utensils that needed a good scrub, but alas in a family of six (sometimes seven) this is not enough.

So Boo and I went to Target.  We found the silver wear near in the kitchen department and put four into the cart. We really like this kind because they are cheap and heavy duty. Our main task done we chose to wander.

Into the food aisle we went, meandering through colored Oreos, yogurt and the largest assortment of trail mix I have ever seen in my life. I grabbed a Califia Cocoa Noir cold brew coffee (my favorite) and we moved on to kids clothes.

Boo watched me with amusement as I oohed and aahhed at cute little boy clothes like fedoras with rabbits on them and little pale green button up shirts. I raised eye brows as he hunted for PJ Mask t-shirts  and then we quickly went into the toy section.

This has become one of our favorite sections. Our son Goblin King has come into the age where he loves pretend play and I love to indulge him in it. It satisfies the little girl in me that still wants to play Barbies. Our oldest daughter loved Barbie and Disney Princesses and played all the time, alas she is getting too old for that now. Our youngest daughter never had much interest in toys unless it was a doctor's kit or a stuffed animal. So being able to buy toys again is really fun!

We find the section with the PJ Mask Toys and the Rescue Bot action figures and we look at prices, we discuss world building of cartoons and check to see which items he has and which he doesn't. I am searching for a Cat Boy action figure complete with Cat Car and Boo is looking at toddler Star Wars toys- both of us wishing our son was into Star Wars instead.

Regretfully we leave the section of make believe and childhood behind, without putting anything into the cart.  Finally we decide it's time to go home.

However this causes us to pass by the stuffed animal section and I stop. Hands grasping for the burnt orange fluff I see. I greedily clasp it to my chest, much to my husbands confusion and amusement.

It is a tiny, soft, fluffy triceratops. The label on it reads Little Jurassic Chewie.

"Look! He's still here!" I say snuggling the little thing. A week before I had been enamored with the same stuffed animal and chosen not to spend the nine dollars on him because I am a grown up, after all.

He is sitting next to a Little Jurassic Bronte and a Little Jurassic Nibbler in green and blue. Neither of them are as cute and he is the ONLY orange one and the ONLY Triceratops. It could only have gotten better if there had been a Parasaurolophus.

I make little roaring noise sand perch him on my shoulder doing a dorky happy dance. Boo gazing at me with an expression I have come to know well. The  wow-my-wife-is-crazy-and-adorable look.

With one last squeeze I put him back and sigh. I really don't need a stuffed animal.

"I'm not five," I say shrugging with sadness.

"You'll regret it if when we come back he's gone," Boo tells me gently.

Faster than a snake I put the little orange dino in the cart, blushing and a little sheepish. It's silly and I know it, but the small rush of pleasure I get from the toy can't be over looked.

So Chewie came home with us. I sent a picture to my mom- who of course humors me with a a text back " Oh he's soooo cute!"

I finished out the evening playing with my new friend with my sons joining in bringing Goblin's monkey; Oooh Oooh and my other son with his elephant: Greg.

It was a crazy night at our house for sure.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Good Things Still Happen- Happy Valentine's Day

With so much awfulness in the world right now Trump. I thought it might be nice this Valentine's Day to look at things that are positive in the world.

Things that inspire love.

To remember that even though there is a dumpster fire in the white house, good things still happen.

I have compiled a list of positive moments from the last year. I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Did I miss one? Submit a happy moment in the comments!

Save the Puppies

Chicken or Steak for the Homeless

Baby Fiona

Cat Con!


In July, UNAIDS revealed that for the first time in history, half of all people on the planet with HIV are now getting treatment, and AIDS deaths have dropped by half since 2005. Science 

Cameroon committed to restoring over 12 million hectares of forest in the Congo Basin, and Brazil started a project to plan 73 million trees, the largest tropical reforestation project in history. Fast Co.

Return of the Bee's

A Years Supply of Chicken Nuggets

Toy Story Land

And the biggest one of all


Please- get out and vote!